#MusicFeel : 고엽 ( Dead Leaves )

Like those dead leaves there that have fallen and are flying
My love is collapsing without strength
Your heart is only going further away, I can’t grab you
I can’t grab you any more more more
I can’t hold on more, yeah

Perasaanku mulai pergi secara perlahan – lahan dari sisimu.

Over there, the autumn leaves that look like they’re at stake
Seem like they’re looking at us
If our hands touch, even if it’s all at once
It only seems like it’s going to be crumbs
I just only looked with the winds of autumn – The
speech and facial expressions that have gotten
colder all of a sudden – I can only see our relationship
withering – Like the autumn sky, it’s empty between us
An ambiguous difference that is different from before
A night that’s much more quiet today
A single autumn leaf that’s attached to the branch
It’s breaking, I can see the thing called the end
The dead leaves that are becoming shriveled
The silence inside your aloof heart
Please don’t fall
Please don’t fall, the dead leaf that’s becoming crumbs

Relationship yang tidak pernah jelas ini memang harus berakhir.

As if every autumn leaf has fallen
As if everything that seemed eternal is going further away
You’re my fifth season
Because even if I try to see you, I can’t
Look, to me, you’re still green
Even if our hearts aren’t walking, it walks by itself
Our foolishness, like laundry, is being hung piece by piece
Only the bright memories are dirty, it falls on me
Even if I don’t shake my branch, it keeps falling
That’s right, in order to raise my love, it falls
Even if we’re close, my two eyes become further, spreads
further – Like this, being thrown out
Inside my memories, I become young again

Karena dunia kita sudah berbeda.

Blaze them brightly, flare
It was all pretty, wasn’t it? Our pathroads
But it all withered
The dead leaves fall down like tears
The wind blows and everything drifts apart all day
The rain pours and shatters
Until the last leaf, you you you

Biarkan saja pergi.

Why can I still not give up on you?
I hold onto the withered memories
Is it greed?
The lost seasons I try to restore, I try to restore them

I can’t hold onto you
I can’t give up on you
Like the dead leaves that fell
This love, like the dead leaves
Never never fall
It’s withering

Karena semuanya memang sudah berakhir.




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