Why You Indifferent ?

You aren’t talking much for some reason today

Tell me what it’s about
Why are you like this, I’m really worried
Do you happen to be like this because of me
I’m really sorry

As I look at you who isn’t saying anything
And look at me who is only watching
The eyes that look at me
The feeling of losing me
Like how I felt from your tone where you told me
to accept that we’ve been acting like it’s not true, that we’re happy
I look at you
I meet you as a person I know and not my friend
and lightly acted with you, but that might have been my truth too

When this time passes by,
the memories between you and I will be erased too
Even when you happen to meet someone else and are held in their embrace,
you need to become happy as if you’re showing it to me


Jawab ya~

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